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About Goku-san!

Hello everybody. I am a freelance digital artist who does illustrations, character design, and the occasional fan-art. I have been doing freelance work since 2005 on various online platforms and specialize in character and cartoon illustrations

I have been doing private commissions and was a former game artist for pet sites for the past decade. My artwork is a mix of fantasy creatures, animals, anthropomorphic characters, and other characters.

I'm available for freelance work for illustrations, character design work, and other projects. For freelancing inquiries please contact me by email at bugodughall@aol.com.

I'm most interested in helping you with

Illustration work for books, comic books, world building, and production art.
Character Design
Prop Design
Comic Book Work
Pet Sim Game Art


Dogdayzz.com-Item Art 2009-2010
Leviathan-Myth.com-Various Art 2008-2009
Private Commissions-2005-Present